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Moose Hunting
At Domaine Shannon, each group of moose hunters has a set area of 10 to 20 square kilometres to roam. Since we patrol the areas regularly, each group of hunters is ensured to be alone in their area. Since the Parc de La Verendrye is known for all intents and purposes a “nursery” for moose, you will surely have the opportunity to admire this great beast.

DON’T FORGET your fluorescent vest, all hunters must wear them.

Bear Hunting
Whether you are an experienced hunter of a novice, Domaine Shannon gives you a good opportunity to bag a bear. We have over 85 sites that are maintained on a regular basis. You will be led to one of the numerous closed mirador placed at your disposal, where you settle down in comfort and wait for the animals in complete safety! Accustomed to finding food that we leave for them at these spots, a bear or two are sure to show up. In the last three years, over one hundred bears have been harvested here. We are so
certain of the abundance of this game, we guarantee you will have the chance to shoot at one, or we will invite you back FREE OF CHARGE the following season. What better deal can you expect than that?