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The cabins – clean and cozy – are equipped with modern conveniences: electricity, propane-fuelled stoves, hot water, dishes, cutlery and bedding, with indoor toilets and shower facilities. Also available on site are washers, driers and freezers.


For those with a more adventurous spirit, we have twenty or so camps set up deep in the forest where you will be at peace with nature. Be advised, however, that these cabins, while kept clean, are not as well equipped as those on the lakeshore. Ask us for more information.


Our vacation packages feature either the European or American plan. People who opt for the American plan will be able to partake in excellent home-made meals served in the main pavilion's dining room. The latter also features a bar (where kids are legally allowed), television and billiard tables for enjoyable evenings with friends.amis.



An official contract will be mailed to you after receiving reservation.

Main Pavilion plus 18 cabins